360 Hunting Blinds – Product Assembly Overview Video

This hunting blind is built and packaged in such a way that each of the wall panels come fully pre-built and ready for assembly on site. As you’ll see in the video, it can quickly be assembled by two people and a few simple tools. Our carefully packaged kit makes it possible to get these blinds into remote areas that have otherwise only been accessible to hunting blinds that are built much lighter, cheaper and with fewer features than our product.

Our blinds are built with a wood frame construction, and we often get asked about rot and the risk of bug damage in the field. To ensure the longevity of the product life the entire blind is covered with an engineered wood product called LP SmartSide®. Materials made by LP SmartSide® are treated with a proprietary SmartGuard® process to resist decay and insect damage for decades, even in harsh climates. Or roofs are made of seamless acrylic used in commercial roofing applications so you can be sure your blind will remain watertight.

One of our highlighted features that gets the most appreciation from our customers is our patent pending counter-weight window raising mechanism. When the window is opened, it will remain in the position to which it was raised with no risk of accidentally falling shut, enabling the hunter to effortlessly and silently lift the window when preparing for the shot.

Our flagship product, the 360 Pro Series is equipped with windows in every direction. This means your trophy will never catch you by surprise because you didn’t have a window in the direction of approach. Any or all of the windows can be upgraded to archery windows which increases the window height from eighteen inches to 32 inches tall, and the tinted panes can be fully raised for a clear shot.

For accessibility, we offer a door panel upgrade for all of our products to enable access to the blind with most wheelchairs including heavy-duty outdoor types.

Reach out to us to learn all about our product features and upgrade options. You can use our dealer search tool to find a 360 Hunting Blind near you: http://www.360huntingblinds.com/dealers/

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