Riton- The Best Optics For The Money? 

Could Riton Optics be the BEST Optics for the Money?
Quite possibly.
There are a lot of optics and optics companies out there. 

For the past 5 years, a small company in the desert that was founded by a military and law-enforcement veteran has grown almost exclusively through the quality of their products and from their rabid fans telling others, who tell others, who tell others… and then… BOOM! What started as a “side business” for a federal law enforcement officer quickly grew into a force to be reckoned with in the optics world. 

3 Lines of Optics…for NOW. 

The Riton Optics Line is divided into four versions- The RT-S Mod 3 Optics are created specifically for the AR-15 platform aimed at tactical and target shooting. Every one built to exacting standards. Simply choose the magnification that’s best for you – and have fun.

Hunting, target or tactical, Riton Optics has a scope for your needs. 

The Bullet Drop Compensated (BDC), Second Focal Plane reticle in the Mod 3 line allows you to confidently take a shot up to 600 yards using your reticle holdover alone.

The next product line, The RTS Mod 5, is a non-caliber specific optics line- you can use them on pretty much any long gun in your gun safe.These almost indestructible workhorses are typically used for hunting, precision shooting and tactical applications while engaging targets from 20 feet to over 1000 yards.

The RT-S Mod 7 is Riton’s top line, and where both the new 1-8×28’s reside. This line goes head to head and toe to toe with the best and most expensive optics on the market today- at a much greater value to the consumer. From the 30mm or 34mm main tube to the high-end Japanese glass, to the push/pull locking turrets or the Argon-purging process that makes this scopes completely waterproof, fog proof and shockproof, these and all of RITON’s scopes are covered by RITON’s Lifetime REPLACEMENT warranty- If, at any time, your Riton product has issues and is not functioning in the manner it should – NO MATTER WHAT – they will send you a new one, no questions asked.

Nothing dresses up a custom rifle like a quality optic. Riton Optics makes some of the best. 

Finally, Riton has a RED DOT sight with magnifier, and a surprisingly good set of binoculars for the obscenely low price they charge for it.

If you want to learn more about optics for AR-15’s, the newest and best hunting rifle scopes, of some great binoculars and red dot sights, visit www.Ritonoptics.com.

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