Riton Optics: Fast Growing, Veteran-Owned Company

Riton Optics is a fast growing, Veteran-owned company that has made quite a splash in the optics world for 2018.  While they have been in existence for over 5 years, Riton only attended the annual SHOT Show as an exhibitor for the first time in January of 2018.

While many optics companies looked to expand existing products and product lines, RITON “broke their mold” with two new and unique rifle scopes to their RT-S Mod 7 Line.

Mod 7 1-8x28IR-H  (Hunting)

This model was developed in consultation with noted big-game hunter and shooter Craig Boddington.  Boddington is one of today’s most respected outdoor journalists. He spent the past forty years exploring our natural world as a hunter and sharing his knowledge and experiences in dozens of books and through thousands of published articles and essays. He’s a decorated Marine, an award-winning author, and continues to be a leading voice for conservation and ethical hunting around the world.

RITON developed this short to medium-range hunting scope to be used for any hunting situation – but it is especially effective when used while pursuing dangerous game.  Their main objective was to create a well-balanced scope that could fit any caliber of weapon but is specifically engineered to handle the recoil and abuse of the hardest-recoiling big game calibers- guns that start with “.4” and “.5” instead of “.2” or “.3” and provide quick acquisition targeting at a low magnification power, but also have the ability for precise targeting at increased magnification levels. 

The Mod7 1-8x28IR-H is a second focal plane scope with Riton’s German #4 Mod 1 Illuminated reticle paired with HD/ED glass, an indestructible one-piece aircraft grade main tube and is backed by Riton’s unlimited lifetime new replacement warranty.

 Mod 7 1-8x28IR-T (Tactical)

The tactical model of the Mod 7 1-8 features the Riton Tactical Mod 1 Illuminated reticle in first focal plane. Because of the first focal plane reticle, this optic can be used on a true one power magnification similar to a “red dot” type sight – with both eyes open for quick target engagement while clearing rooms or during close-quarters combat. 

Where this scope and the First Focal Plane reticle offers a distinct advantage is once you increase the magnification. As the magnification increases, so does the size of the reticle.

The ability to accurately engage targets and range estimate with the First Focal Plane reticle allows this scope to fit into every conceivable tactical situation.

The Riton Mod 7 1-8 X optic was designed specifically for their respective target audiences- one for hunters, one for tactical shooters. 

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