Cimarron Firearms’ Sponsored Shooter Clayton Marxer on Living the American Dream 

Widely known as video blogger “Adventure Cowboy,” Marxer combines his love of classic Western guns and gear with adventures in the great outdoors.

Cimarron Firearms, like many companies producing firearms and related products, sponsors several individuals that speak the Cimarron lifestyle to their customers. One such sponsored shooter is Clayton Marxer, a real bonafide American cowboy.

Marxer, a.k.a “The Adventure Cowboy,” grew up in southwest Montana on a 325,000-acre cattle ranch. From the time he could walk, Marxer has been riding, roping, and taking care of cattle. He is a dedicated family man that holds a Natural Resource Conservation Service position during the day and spends every other available minute in the outdoors, whether its hunting, shooting, fishing, hiking or ranching.

At the tender age of seven, Marxer started hunting small game and varmints with a lever-action Daisy BB gun. A passion for hunting was started and would continue to this day. As a young man, Marxer was a member of the 4-H Shooting Sports program and won many tournaments and contests as a 4-position shooter. By the time he turned 12, he had started using the skills and knowledge he’d been developing as a competitive shooter for big game hunting. Marxer’s love and respect for the sport of hunting has taken him far. He has appeared on the Outdoor Channel hunting elk with his Cimarron Sharps Rifle. Clayton has also appeared as an actor, stuntman and assistant armorer on “The Big Muddy Western Series” where his Cimarron “Billy Dixon” was featured throughout the film.

Firearms are an important tool for Clayton. Having been a big-game hunting guide, and as an avid hunter himself, he depends upon firearms to function reliably, often in extreme conditions. Over the years, he has seen virtually every type of rifle used for hunting and knows the value of a quality firearm first-hand. Cimarron Firearms are his first choice for quality cowboy guns that perform as good as they look.

Currently he carries and uses a variety of Cimarron firearms including his favorites: the 1874 “Billy Dixon” Sharps in 45-70, the 1886 Deluxe rifle in 45-70 and the 1865 Spencer Carbine in 45 LC. Handguns are often carried as back up when Clayton is archery hunting big game or out exploring the wilderness. His current favorites from Cimarron are his Cimarron 1860 Army Conversion Type II and all three of Cimarron’s 1911 options.

Marxer is living the American dream, doing the stuff he loves, which includes enjoying life with his wife, Cody, and their two children, Braxton (nine) and Alexa (seven). Clayton’s family loves the outdoors as much as he does, and they all love their time spent together working cattle in the high country, exploring, hunting, fishing, camping, and shooting.

Marxer frequently blogs his adventures on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. He is currently working in pre-production on a feature-length western movie, which is tentatively set to begin filming next year. Expect to see Marxer, “The Adventure Cowboy”, doing some acting and his own stunts, and of course, showing off some of his Cimarron guns!

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