Comprehensive List of Second Amendment Organizations: Is Your Organization Included?

Everyone has heard of the National Rifle Association. Most have heard of a few other national and state organizations that work to preserve the Second Amendment and to remove, modify, or add laws to reflect the natural, God-given right to defend oneself, their family and their country from harm and tyranny. Many of you are already members of such organizations. However, they continue to need membership and financial support. To help others determine which organizations best deserve their time, efforts, and financial contributions, I am asking your help to compile a list of national and state organizations.

A partial list has been compiled at:

At this time, the list includes approximately fifteen national and sixty state organizations. They are listed alphabetically and include their logo (which can be selected to take you to their website) and a brief description. Your help in adding to this list is greatly appreciated. Please contact me directly at  and include the name of the organization and their website.

(While they are a vital part of the firearms community, the list is not intended to include local shooting clubs and shooting organizations that are not directly involved in promoting and defending the Second Amendment. Nor is the list intended to promote or comment on the merits of any specific organization or to rank them. Instead, it is intended to provide reference information so firearm owners can make informed decisions on what organizations to join and support.)

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