Custom Firearms

Do you have the picture of your dream AR rifle or pistol?  Maybe you can picture exact how you want your next Glock to look, and it’s not a black square!.   Let us help you make that idea into a real firearm.  We build custom AR rifles and Glock pistols.   We can build one ground up letting you pick everyy or take an off the shelf gun and customize it so it is uniquely yours.   Leet us know what you would like to see built and then let us put that weapon in your hands.  

Also please check out builds we have freelanced and have posted for sale.  We posted a UGA themed Glock build today so if you know a rabid Dawg fan or maybe thats you…  This pistol is rocking red and black and always plays with a silver slide instead of britches!!

Look forward to meeting other enthusiast here and building some really cool guns together.!

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