When to Quit?

(MY first attempt.)  When do you say enough is enough?  How many guns does it take to make you feel secured?  Are you binge buying guns?  Do you dress up your guns with all the latest gun bling that’s available … when do you stop?   What about ammo?  How much should one person have?  Seriously think about those for a second.  

I think about those questions a lot.  I’m the only person that I know that has a small arsenal.  I’m not a collector by any means,  I currently have enough guns for each of my small circle of who I call my “friends”, twice.  No one else is as obsessed as I am.  I not the only one with a military back ground either.  Most of my military buddies  don’t own guns.  I personally did not start  buying these guns until I hit the ripe old age of 50.  Moved from the city to the country.  I started off with a Glock 9mm for my EDC.  And I was bitten – no, I knew about the Glock bite –  I started buying guns that I was trained on in the Army.  AR 15, shot gun and my service revolver a S&W model 64, Military Police .38 special 6″ barrel, (when I did plain clothes duty it was a snub nosed .38) which come to think of, I bought that gun when I was thirty something.  Then it got out of control.  Two years and ten+ guns later, I was really surprised I didn’t get a visit from the ATF and FBI because at the frequency in which I was purchasing them,  But, I still long for more and was even considering purchasing a small cannon too.  It was like a new addiction or romance, I’m not sure which to call it.   I can only carry one at a time.  Guess I should mention I use a mobility scooter for my legs and there’s no place to strap a riffle to, like you would with, let’s say, on a horse.

Then there’s the bling, not to offend any one … the accessories.  Sights, lasers, flashlights … I’m sure you must know what I’m talking about.  Don’t you???   I had a “snake eye” site put on my EDC. that way If something were to happen to one hand I would sill be able to rack using that.  (Always train for one handed shooting especially with your weak hand.)  Then there’s the … How many spare parts do I keep with each gun.  How many cleaning kits?  And what about the ammo?  What kind of ammo?  It never stops does it?  (Does it????)  Dummy bullets for you to practice clearing your chamber.  What about your targets, did you get the 3D dummy zombie(s) to make them bleed from all the lead you were putting in to it?  Paper targets with stands?  Gun club or shooting range?  Or do you have a laser (in quarters) dry fire training system?  Insurance?  Come on you have to have insurance.  To cover the price of your gun(s)?  What about insurance in case you do shoot somebody in self defense?  You know, to keep you out of jail and pay for your expensive 2nd amendment attorney.   If your going to have a gun, you might as well be responsible for it and yourself.  What about a lock box or safe to keep your gun(s) in?  What do you do about your children?

Are you preparing for a war?  Hunter?  Prepper?  Survivalist?  Pro 2nd amendment?  Protection?  Why do you own the gun(s) you have?  Addiction?  Romance?  Don’t have a dog and need to care for something?

I’ll ask again, when do you call it quits?

Please share your thoughts and answers.  Never know when you might help someone by the way you respond.

Be safe and responsible,                                                                                                                                                                    Kim.

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  1. Well, I have 42 guns and I am always online looking for more. If you ask my wife she thinks I have a problem but if you ask my blackwater brothers they understand. Being ready is a must in war no matter where it is. The ones that arn’t ready are the ones running scared. @daleschmidt

  2. “I use a mobility scooter for my legs and there’s no place to strap a riffle to” I bet @stpierre could figure it out if you really needed it. lol

    1. Frank, are you giving me a referral? I can see the looks now, having useful gun swag hanging off my scooter when I’m trying to grocery shop. But then, I’m used to looks from strangers. Plus they have no idea I’m carrying. Out and about I’m more of a easy target then I once was. Especially a target late night walking (sounds more normal than saying I was scootering) in unfamiliar places like Chicago, Philiy, any place really. Taxis or public transportation don’t have lifts for my scooter. That’s why I can’t fly…yep, that’s my excuse for not flying… has noting to do with my CCW guns (wink) I always carry two. Although while in Philly for a conference, my scooter stopped while it was raining. A stranger pushed me back to my hotel about four miles in the rain then had to go back for his car. Never did get his name but I thank him a lot.

  3. You don’t its who you are now. I’ve only keep the friends that I would go to war with. If your not taking a bullet for me I’m not for you. The shitty side is that all the troops overseas don’t even know your name and is still will die for you. Remember who fighting while your updating your fucking phones.

    1. Always acknowledge a Veteran, eye contact and a nod of the head is the least one could do. A challenge, if you will… How about making a donation to a Veteran’s group instead of you next gun purchase? Or go to your local VA and volunteer for the day/week. I volunteered for three years and it gave me much pride. Plus being able to hang out with them did my heart good to be around military folk again. While in Kroger’s, I have been acknowledged by local fire fighters and county police. Of course I responded back thanking them for being first responders.

  4. I only have one and its for home use. I have a lock box and I still get nervous when my kids have friends over.

    I have a question that I always wanted to ask. If you have guns in your house and allow your kids to have friends over do you tell the parents prior or not?

    1. Sorry Pamela, can’t even come close to the target on that one, never had any kids personally. Maybe, some one can share their opinion/experience with you.

    2. I have been thinking Pamela, if you keep your lock box in the same room all the time, put a lock on that door for extra security. I wouldn’t tell either. When I went to CCW class, the couple that lived across the street from me were also there. ( I chose a class that was over a hours drive for me.) I didn’t want any one to know. But, on the other hand, I was glad to see that my neighbors were being responsible.

  5. David, do you have a magic number? When will you know if you have enough? Or will you? Just because you stop buying, the “Gun-mance” doesn’t have to end. Do you purchase the bling and swag for each before your next gun purchase? (Thanks for helping out with Pamela’s question.)

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