Deer Hunting Passions

Hunting big whitetail bucks every year is not a passion it is and obsession. I prepare all year for the season to come in so I will be ready when that buck walks in sight. I hunt in the north part of Mississippi on a 2,500 acre ranch where the biggest buck in the state of Mississippi was shot. Each and every year my dad and I shoot about ten bucks and thirty does to keep the management in place so the population will not be over run by deer. Hunting whitetail deer can be very easy or sometimes it can be one of the most difficult things you ever did. Deer can see, hear, and smell better than most animals and they don’t give you any room for mistakes. When hunting deer you have to be quiet, very still, and make sure you took a bath that day so you don’t stink.

Last year during the rut of the season I was sitting in the stand watching the deer that were out in the field when I saw a big eight point run out of the woods. I didn’t have much time to get in position and shoot because he was chasing a doe and was not slowing down for anything so I shot him on the run. About thirty minutes later I got down out of the stand and tried to find blood from the buck, but couldn’t. So I went back to the barn and grabbed a trail dog and me and my friends went looking for this buck. My friend Trey found one spot of blood on the ground and we put the dog down on it and he took off into the woods. Shorty after we put the dog down he starts barking and that means that the deer is still alive, which is bad for us because we didn’t have a gun with us. So we take off running to the sound of the dog on a mowed strip of woods about eight feet wide and when we got near the dog we stopped and could hear something charging straight for us getting closer and closer. Trey looked at me and yelled, Run! Right when we took off running the buck steps out into the mowed path and starts running directly at us. While he is charging us the deer trips and falls to the ground about three feet from us and dies right there.

That was one of the scariest situations I have been in since I have been hunting deer. I have never had a deer charge me before and never want it to happen again and next time I go into the woods looking for a buck I will definitely have a gun with me. Although that happened it will never stop me from hunting and being in the great outdoors. Everyone should get to experience nature for the way it is and get in the outdoors as much as they can because it can sooth you and put a sense of calm over you. Even if you are not hunting, you can still enjoy watching the deer and everything else you might see if you take the time.

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