This is one of the worst boat launch fails we have ever seen.

We have all been there before. You are at your favorite lake or river when you get held up by someone who simply cannot back up a trailer to save their life. Whether you are trying to launch your own watercraft or are waiting to leave, it can be a real exercise in frustration.

Some people struggle more with backing a trailer with others and in the case of today’s video, this person has absolutely no clue what they are doing.

Do not take our word for it though. Just watch the video below and see one of the most hilarious boat launching fails we have ever seen for yourself. Some say he is still there trying to launch this thing.

We have seen some boat launch struggles before, but this one may have been one of the worst. You know it’s bad when the truck and trailer are both sideways!

This footage was taken back in May at Canyon Lake in Texas. The crazy thing is the person who shot the video states they only started filming after several other failed attempts prior to what you saw here. Just how long did it take them to get that jetski in the water? Look, we get it. No one is an expert at backing up a trailer the first time they try it. It does take a little bit of practice to get good at it. However, was a busy day at the ramp with multiple other vehicles waiting really the best time to launch your new jetski with zero experience?

At very least practice backing a trailer at home or in an empty parking lot before you head to the launch and start holding other people up. The icing on the cake here was the other driver who got fed up waiting and backed straight down the ramp in seconds. Talk about embarrassing for the jetski owner!

At the very least everyone seemed to get a good laugh out of this driver’s plight. Use this as an example of what NOT to do the next time you are at the ramp!

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