Growth, Nationwide Dealer Network, Increased Demand Results In Riton Optics Expanding Pro Staff Team

For Military and Law Enforcement Veteran-Owned Riton Optics, 2018 Was Another Record-Setting Year. Much Of That Success Is Due To Riton’s Nationwide Team of Pro Staffers.
If you are or know someone that might be interested in joining the Riton team, please click or pass along this link: JOIN THE RITON PROSTAFF TEAM

Riton Optics Is Seeking to Grow Their ProStaff for 2019

At the beginning of last year, Riton had an ambitious goal.

In addition to dealer and sales goals, Riton wanted to recruit and build their first “ProStaff” team. After a nationwide push for applicants, Riton settled on an initial team of 10 ProStaff.
That team has now grown to over 35 members. Riton’s nationwide goal for the 2019 ProStaff team is a minimum of two per state. 

“The Riton team are incredibly fun and wonderful to work with and the CEO is a great man that cares about his employees and the product he is selling! Being part of the ProStaff I’ve had the opportunity to meet other incredible people that work with Riton Optics including Charlie Melton, Royce Gracie, John Tiegen and more!

Riton Optics definitely stands behind their products 100% with their lifetime warranty and the way they view and treat their customers! I’m proud to be a part of the Riton Optics ProStaff and the Riton Optics Family and I am excited for the journey ahead with them!”

-Jon Boersma
Riton Optics ProStaff 

Riton is announcing their second, major push for ProStaff members beginning TODAY, March 1, 2019.

If you are or know someone that might be interested in joining the Riton team, please click or pass along this link:   JOIN THE RITON PROSTAFF TEAM

Riton ProStaff FAQs

What is “ProStaff”?

A ProStaff is a person or collection of people that help to spread the word about a company brand and story. Riton is  looking for like-minded people who are passionate about the industry, whether that passion is as a shooter, a 2A supporter, a hunter, military personnel or first responder. They want all types, ages and backgrounds to make a broadly diverse team.

Is it a full time job?

No. Being a part of the ProStaff Team is not meant to be a full time job. It is meant to become a part of the life you already live. For instance, Riton has first responder members on their team that tell people about the brand, engage on social media with, and introduce them to their local gun shops and provide content as a part of their normal shooting and hunting practices.

Does it matter what state I live?

No. Riton is seeking people from all over the United States.

How does someone apply?

Click on the ProStaff Application button just below this section and you will be redirected to the Riton website to fill out the application. We ask for a short video with your submission. The video doesn’t need to be anything more than a one minute video shot on a cell phone. We just want a chance to get to know you!

What is the benefit of joining Riton Optics ProStaff Team?

As an active member of the ProStaff team you will gain knowledge of the company and its products, the firearms industry, optics industry, and exposure to the outdoor industry, and receive Riton products, promotional items, apparel, and other potentially valuable considerations.

With Riton Optics, you will SEE THE DIFFERENCE in value, in quality and in service. As the only Law Enforcement and Military Veteran Owned optics company in the world, Riton was founded on the premise that a person’s hard- earned dollar should buy quality optics and the best service at every price point. With an unwavering passion for offering high quality optics at the industry’s most competitive prices, Riton is dedicated to always putting the customer first. Every Riton optic goes through a dual inspection process in Tucson, AZ and is backed by the Riton Promise Warranty which includes a rapid new product replacement on all returns and requires no proof of purchase. Give them a call, send them an email or find them at one of their nationwide dealers. For more information on Riton, visit

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