How a Robbery and an Attempted Abduction Started The “Best Gun Shop In The Galaxy.” 

First, it’s very smart to name your business the “Best” in ANYTHING…

Patrick and Cassie Coburn were “everyday folks” like you and I. They lived in a “nice” town. They worked normal jobs in the restaurant industry. 
They never thought that one night would change not only the way they looked at their surroundings and fellow man, but their careers and future. Patrick tells their story below:

G4G Claims the “Best Gun Shop In The Galaxy.” 

“Early in 2012, My wife and I were working in the restaurant industry and late one night after close, while walking to his car, one of our co-worker was robbed at gun point. This event opened our eyes to the unseen dangers around us and made us realize we need to have the ability to protect ourselves. 
Shortly thereafter we found ourselves at one of the big box stores with newly acquired concealed carry permits in hand buying our first firearms, receiving training and learning to use our new guns as well as enjoying our range visits.

My wife, Cassie, also decided she wanted to work in a different restaurant in a better part of town connected to a high-end shopping mall to help reduce her chances of having to defend herself. 
Several months later that same year and just before Christmas when the Mall and the restaurant were both staying open late for holiday shoppers, she was walking out to her car after the close of the restaurant when a man tried to abduct her.

This event cemented our belief in being able to protect ourselves. Her story should make anyone that works late night worry…

Cassie related the story. 
“There was a truck, not parked in a parking stall but up against the door as I made my exit. The lights on the truck shut off as I passed and I heard the sound of tires squeaking on the pavement. I knew the truck was behind me and turned around to give the driver my meanest “I can SEE you” look with my hands on my hips. The truck stopped, and I kept moving, only to hear the sound of tires again behind me. This time the truck flashed his lights at me as he moved. I turned around again with an even meaner look and scolded the truck like it was a puppy that had just chewed up my best heels.

“Back off!” I yelled while pointing with all the indignation I had in me.(I like to imagine I’m much scarier than I probably am.)

After a few moments passed with the truck and I staring each other down, I turned and began to walk again.

This time, the truck screeched into motion, the driver swerved around me and used his truck to block my exit.

I knew this had progressed from a possible prankster or bully to a really dangerous situation. The door opened, and a man jumped out. He rushed towards me, and I made an overly dramatic “I’m reaching for a gun” motion. He threw his hands up and backed away in what seemed like genuine terror, jumped back into his truck and burned rubber.”

These two events inside of the same year gave both of us a heightened sense of awareness and a new drive not only to protect ourselves, but to see what we could do to help other people to avoid being victims. We began by trying to convince our loved ones they, too, needed to protect themselves. They heard our story, listened to our advice, and we are happy to say our family and those around us are not easy targets for criminals any more!

While helping those close to us was nice we began to ask ourselves what about all the other good people in the community and their families… How could we help them avoid being victimized?

In February of 2013 this question led to the birth of our Gun store and us trying very hard to help people do just that. At first, it was one on one and very slow going. While gratifying, we wanted to help more people, So, we started to attend local gun shows on weekends.

This was nice and we definitely were able to reach more people, but wanted to be able to protect even MORE families. 
After asking ourselves, “How we can reach out and help more families protect themselves, their loved ones and the community?” We noted that it seemed the future of retail, while slightly different for firearms due to their restrictions on shipping and licensing, was clearly moving online. A brainstorming session followed, and we were convinced that we had contrived the solution that we had been seeking. 
Our internet presence was born! 
Now anyone can go to and order almost ANY firearm on the market TODAY.
The internet has given us the ability to help more people than any other means we had tried. It has connected us to many people looking for the firearms they need, without having to wait in line at the “big box gun store.”

The look of our web site has gone through many themes as we tried to find the correct vision for our online presence, we finally settled on the “Galaxy” theme as we have always loved the new frontier of space, the sense of adventure and it is the most fun. With fingers crossed our future goal is that we will make the first intergalactic sale of a firearm!

We welcome you to our online and brick-and-mortar “Stores” and look forward to serving all of your firearm needs.”


Patrick and Cassie Coburn

Patrick and Cassie Coburn can sell firearms anywhere in the U.S. 


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