Kydex Holsters Facts & Myths

So many times I hear people say that Kydex Holsters leave rub marks or scratches on the finish of my gun, and that is why they don’t like them. Or someone says to me I bought one somewhere else and it scratched my Cerakote finish on my gun. First I would like to clarify something, I have talked in length with Cerakote and they have assured me that if the Cerakote was properly applied plastic will definitely not scratch the gun. But the concern towards rub marks is real and can also be found with leather holsters. In fact if a gun is drawn and re-holstered enough times it will leave rub marks on any finish whether it is leather or plastic.

Taking some preventive measures and selecting a good holster manufacturer is crucial to preventing even the slightest of marks, whether a rub or scratch from forming on the surface of the handgun when using your holster. The problem is in the world of Kydex Holsters there are many basement business forming every day and many of them are great and put quality in their product as if it was their own. However there are some that do not do their homework and pay attention to the finer details whether it is an IWB Holster or an OWB Holster. A quality holster manufacturer will design the retention to the trigger and not to the slide of the gun. For example, with an IWB Kydex Holster you will place the gun in the holster and when not inside your waistband the gun will seem loose, like the holster is bigger than the gun. However as tension is placed on the trigger portion of the holster you will feel the gun lock in. This occurs naturally when the pants or belt hold the holster against your body.

At Just Holster It we put every single holster whether concealed carry or an OWB holster is inspected by a 10+ point process, and one of the key inspections is proper fit. This inspection is stamped on our customers invoice and sent to them letting them know whether it was a ankle holster, IWB holster, or even a pocket holster it has been thoroughly checked. Lastly with every order that leaves our shop we include a sample of a gun lubricant that not only helps reduce friction between the holster and handgun, but also because it is a synthetic it reduces the amount of lint and dust collected on your gun or inside your concealment holster.

In closing when selecting your holster manufacturer whether for a leather gun holster or a kydex holster, be sure to not let the price drive your holster selection. Ask the company how they address the friction between the gun and holster. There are many other things that can be done to minimize this from happening and we all have trade secrets to share with our customers giving them the Best IWB holster for concealed carry.

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