Craft Holsters was born with a singular mission: to make custom holsters for everyone. We also agree with their belief every responsible gun owner deserves a custom-made holster comfortable enough to wear every day.

Stitching years of family tradition and expertise in leathercraft with a modern approach to holster making, Craft Holsters offers customers a wide variety of options. Their products, quality care kits, and lifetime warranty prove you don’t have to sacrifice quality or make compromises to create custom-made holsters.

Cross-draw, shoulder, paddle IWB, open-top OWB, and more, Craft Holsters offers a wide variety of leather holsters to fit your firearm, preferred cant, and carry style. This includes the popular Open-Top Lynx IWB Holster.


The first thing you notice when unboxing the Lynx IWB holster is the striking high-quality German threads set against the rich mahogany of premium Italian cowhide. The most essential parts of the holster have been expertly double-stitched, which improves durability and prevents deformation – even after years of daily use.

Carefully hand-molded to fit your exact pistol or revolver, Craft Holsters’ takes it a step further, using thermo-molding techniques to create a soft glove-like fit. While the holster retains the handgun well (even without a thumb break strap!) but customers can take their holster to the next level with a few simple steps.

Craft Holsters’ Care Kit includes Break-in liquid, Leather Conditioner, Leather Balm, Dauber, Microfiber Sponge, and a Wool Pag: everything you need to break in and maintain your holster! To begin, simply apply break-in liquid to the parts of the Lynx IWB holster you want to loosen up. Placing your firearm in a plastic bag in the holster as it dries overnight will further force the leather to retain this adjusted fit.

Using leather conditioner gives the holster a buttery sheen and conditions, cleans, polishes, and acts as a stain repellant, making it ideal for keeping leather soft. It also works to prevent the leather from drying and cracking.


One of the most popular reasons people continue to gravitate toward leather holsters is comfort. What good is an everyday carry (EDC) set up if it’s not comfortable enough to wear every day?

Craft Holsters’ premium Italian leather features smooth, rounded edges and the supple grain of the cowhide is immensely comfortable on the hip. The Open-Top Lynx IWB is easy to remove and re-attach to your belt with two leather straps featuring sturdy, solid snaps that hold tight all day with no issues.

Need to adjust the ride height? The belt loops can be re-installed to 3 different ride depths and the cant of the holster can be adjusted using the hex key screws inside the snaps. The Lynx IWB holster fits 1.5’’ belts and the stability of the holster can be further increased by tightening the belt loops with an Allen’s key.


The Lynx IWB holster offers great stability and it contours the body very well, making it a comfortable option for IWB carry. It also features a partial sweat guard, which prevents both your firearm and skin from damage.

With the heavy-duty snaps featured on the belt loops, you can mount your holster without needing to take off your gun belt – a major plus for many everyday carriers.

To alleviate the frustration of fighting with a traditional leather holster when seating your firearm, Craft Holsters has thoughtfully added an additional leather triangle near the top to combat the issue.

Another key feature is the shape of the hand-molded trigger guard. Lynx’s thoughtful design works to keep the leather from going soft around the trigger guard, combatting a common safety concern of traditional leather holsters while offering adequate retention.


The Lynx IWB from Craft Holsters is set in a right-hand draw (RHD) configuration and available in mahogany and black.

  • IWB carry
  • 4 o’clock position
  • Hand made product
  • Premium Italian leather with lacquered finish
  • Custom glove-like fit
  • Key parts reinforced by double-stitching
  • Open-top & Open-muzzle design
  • Adjustable holster depth & draw cant
  • Easy and convenient (dis)mounting
  • Available in mahogany and black color
  • Available for right-handed shooters
  • Premium 5-year warranty
  • Produced by Craft Holsters



If you’re looking for a quality, comfortable leather holster that incorporates premium materials and craftsmanship with modern design and sensibility, check out all Craft Holsters has to offer. With affordable products, a wide variety of options, and a great warranty, you’ve got nothing to lose except the struggle of being able to carry comfortably all day long!

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