Lyman Products Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook.  The first ever reloading manual specifically written for the growing sport of precision long range shooting, the “Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook” is a treasure trove of the latest data and articles by the top PRS shooters and industry experts. A must have for any serious long range shooter, only by Lyman®.

Lyman® Products, the go-to storehouse of ballistic and reloading knowledge for 140 years and the publisher of the renowned Lyman Reloading Handbook, now in its 50th edition, is proud to announce their latest reloading source book, the Lyman “Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook.”

In response to the fastest growing shooting sport in the country, with Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and Extended Long Range matches reaching new participation levels, and industry leaders producing numerous rifles, scopes, bipods and other accessories for this exciting sport, Lyman has filled the one obvious void: reliable reloading data.

“As the leader in reloading data, we saw a need for an accurate and reliable source of reloading data for these precision, long range loads,” Trevor Mullen, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development for Lyman Products, explained. “Our process of compiling a new reloading handbook like this is to work with the best in their field; reloaders, the manufacturers of ammunition and rifles, participants in the PRS sport, and our own staff of highly skilled, highly knowledgeable test shooters. This new handbook is truly a necessary tool for anyone seriously interested in handloading ammunition specific to the long range sport or those looking for that edge in PRS competitions.”

Lyman’s new “Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook” has all of the popular calibers used in long range shooting including: 223 Rem., 6mm Dasher, 6.47 Lapua, 6XC, 6mm Creedmoor, 243 Win., 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, 260 Rem., 6.5-284 Norma, 308 Win., 300 Win. Mag., 300 Norma Mag. and 338 Lapua. The data section is filled with the top performing Berger and Lapua target bullets, as well as Sierra MatchKings and Hornady ELD’s. A wide range of the new powders from Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Norma, VihtaVuori, Ramshot and Winchester are reviewed and explained.

The new handbook, edited by long-time Lyman handbook editor, Tom Griffin, also includes articles by top PRS shooters and industry experts. Interested in getting into the Precision Rifle Series competitions? Articles such as “PRS How-To” and “Rifle Systems for PRS” by Matt Gervais provide expert info and tips and techniques to start competing. Articles like “The History and Design of the 6.5 and 6mm Creedmoor” by Dave Emary provide insight into these widely popular rounds and what makes them excellent long-range caliber choices. Emary’s article on “Reloading Considerations for Long Range Ammunition” is a must read for beginner and experienced reloaders alike. Additionally, the handbook includes articles on the tools and gear to become successful at long range shooting, such as Michael Baccellieri’s “Reticles – Understanding the Tools within Your Field of View.”

“Long range precision rifle shooting is one of the fastest growing areas of the shooting sports. All one has to do is to take a look at all of the new precision rifles and optics that are being introduced every year,” Tom Griffin, Technical Manager and Lyman Handbook Editor added. “We felt, however, that there was a lack of reliable reloading data for many of the popular calibers used in PRS shooting. This is where our new Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook comes in. It fills the need for reliable data as well as other information that long range shooters need. This handbook is filled with data designed to provide the top level accuracy these shooters demand.”

The “Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook” is available online or at any Lyman Products retailer with an MSRP of $16.98.

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About Lyman® Products:

Lyman® Products, founded by avid outdoorsman, William Lyman, has been innovating firearms and reloading accessories and gear for 140 years. Today, using advanced technologies, Lyman is in the forefront of meeting the needs of shooters and reloaders across the world. Whether pioneering the use of digital technology in reloading tools or reintroducing “antique” calibers and bullet molds, Lyman continues to improve and innovate the tools and accessories used by serious shooters and reloaders.

Lyman products and brands are available nationally through firearms and sporting goods dealers and mail order companies. Pachmayr, TacStar, Trius Traps, A-Zoom Precision Snap Caps, Butch’s Gun Care and Targdots are also Lyman brands.

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