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Firearm laws should be simple to find, easy to understand, and provide ample guidance as to what is required. Instead, they are found in multiple codes, regulations, and rules; are disorganized and complicated to understand; and fail to provide the necessary guidance to know how to comply. A review of the conflicting advice and opinions found in firearm forums will leave anyone completely lost and hopelessly confused.

Recognizing these problems, in 2016 attorney Gary B. Wells published the first volume in his “Firearm Laws for Businesses & Their Customers” series to address federal firearm laws in an easily-affordable book. A second and updated edition was published in April 2017. This book discusses in detail when an item becomes a firearm, which has become relevant in light of the popular, partially-completed receivers. It provides details regarding prohibited persons; locations where firearms are prohibited; the transportation and transfer of firearms by those with federal firearm licenses and those without. The book also explains the laws and requirements for obtaining and maintaining federal firearm licenses, whether as a dealer, a gunsmith, a collector, an importer, or a manufacturer. The marking, record keeping, and reporting requirements are explained in detail, as well as the requirements and processes for importing and exporting firearms. Extensive information is provided regarding the National Firearms Act and the recent changes affecting NFA trusts. While the emphasis of the book is to prevent violations of the law, criminal and civil penalties are explained, including firearm seizures and forfeitures.


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