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Until the time when the phrase “shall not be infringed” is interpreted as it is stated in the United States Constitution, firearm owners, firearm businesses, and other businesses will continue to struggle with determining and complying with the continued onslaught of federal and state restrictions. To help in this endeavor, this volume serves as a valuable resource for determining what the firearm laws are in Texas. It pulls together the statutes, administrative rules, and agency guidelines to help understand the complexity of the firearm laws and explains what is required to comply with them. Because of its organization and extensive table of contents, it serves as a quick reference and procedural guide. It also points out some of the problems with the firearm laws in Texas and those needing correction or elimination.

Both Volumes 1 and 2 are indispensable for Texas firearm businesses. Volume 1 explains the Gun Control Act, the National Firearm Act, and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Volume 2 addresses the Texas laws for establishing a firearms business and the related requirements and protections. It also explains the Texas laws for shooting ranges, firearm instructors, law enforcement, private security, schools, and non-firearm businesses obligations regarding allowing or disallowing firearms on their property.

For firearm owners not in the firearms business, Volume 2 addresses the basics of federal and Texas firearm laws regarding what is being regulated; explanations as to those who are not allowed to posses firearms; locations where firearms are prohibited; firearm laws related to hunting and target shooting; laws regarding personal firearm transfers; laws involving firearm crimes, seizures, and self defense; and the extensive requirements, restrictions, and obligations related to licenses to carry and the School Marshal Program.


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