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From heavy reprofiling and edge repair to finely honed razor edges – this kit can do it all!

Diamond stones are great for rapid stock removal, bevel profiling, and edge repair. But diamonds are not the best choice for honing and refining edges though.

Ceramics are excellent honing and edge refining stones, but Ceramics are not intended for reprofiling or edge repair.

Tungsten Carbide quickly restores a sharp edge; while the fine grit ceramic rods hone the edge back to factory level sharpness.

If you consider yourself sharpening challenged, this kit will change your life!

AHNR knife sharpener combines three great sharpening technologies to give you the fastest blade tune-up anywhere.

This model comes with both ceramic rods, diamond and tungsten carbide blades for a versatile knife sharpening experience.

It’s like having an entire knife sharpening system right in your pocket – able to tackle regular or serrated blades, kitchen, gut hooks, hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor survival use.

Take it with you on your camping and fishing trips and whenever you’re on the go- place it your gear bag and you’re ready!



The blades will not remain sharp forever, especially if you frequently use the knife.

With this in mind, it is a reasonable decision to have a pocket knife sharpener by your side.

AHNR Pocket Knife Sharpener is the perfect blend of versatility and sturdiness and one of the most reliable sharpeners today.

It will help you maintain the sharpness and optimize the longevity of your knife and you can carry it anywhere you go.

Whether you take it with you on camping or hunting, this pocket knife sharpener will ensure your knives never fail you.


Diamond For fast reconditioning and maintenance.

Tungsten Carbide Just three or four strokes will restore your blade.

Ceramic Rods Polish to a finished edge in three or four strokes.

Preset sharpening angles

Portable Compact Design

Ideal for fishermencampers,hikers,chef



🔪『PREMIUM SHARPENER SET』 – A fast, easy and effective way to sharpen any knife you own. AHNR Knife Sharpener features Diamond Plates, two tungsten carbide blades and two ceramic rods with preset sharpening angles for the perfect edge every time. All components snap into the self-contained ABS plastic base and lid for easy storage.
🔪『100% UNINTERRUPTED DIAMOND COATING』 – Diamond is the preferred material for sharpening knives because it can cut even the hardest metals. It withstands the repetitive force and contact of a knife blade better than any other sharpening stone. AHNR Diamond Blades feature a high-impact plastic self-storing case that raises the stone for maximum safety and comfort.
🔪『CERAMIC RODS – FINE HONING』 – The ceramic rods are designed to give you a razor sharp edge on either standard or serrated edges. The ceramic rods are good for a quick touchup of already sharp knives. Its durable ABS plastic base contains keyed holes that accurately set the ceramic rods’ sharpening angles at a 18° or 22° for sharpening knives.
🔪『QUICK EDGE SETTING』 – The two crossed tungsten carbide blades are preset at the correct finishing angle after setting the edge, guarantees the perfect edge sharpening and will restore the edge on a very dull knife in seconds. Crossed tungsten blades provide quick edge sharpening and ceramic rods deliver razor sharp edge sharpening angles.
🔪『VERSATILE & EASY USE』 – This pocket knife sharpener not only quickly sharpens very dull or damaged blades, but also hone for razor sharp; Not only for straight edge but also serrated knife. Provide a fast, easy & consistent sharpening solution for knives & camp tools. Ideal for hunting, camping, outdoor survival use and also works well for your kitchen chef knife.



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