Support the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) through’s Super Auction of a Cimarron Firearms “Evil Roy” Cowboy Action Shooter

This Cowboy Action Shooter is a combo of the SASS’s Hall of Famer “Evil Roy” and Cimarron’s own competition features for one champion revolver. Auction proceeds go to SAF.

Cimarron Firearms is proud to announce their participation in a Super Auction from April 7 – 21, 2018 to support the Second Amendment Foundations’ (SAF) efforts for educational and legal action programs. The auction item is one of Cimarron’s hottest revolvers, the “Evil Roy” 5.5” in 45LC cowboy action revolver.

The Evil Roy was recently reviewed by firearms writer, Dave Workman for The Gun Mag, a publication of the SAF. The very same revolver is now available for one lucky buyer at with the proceeds going to SAF. The SAF, founded in 1974 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the State of Washington, currently has 650,000 members nationwide. It is founded on the principles of defending citizen’s rights to keep and bear arms through their publications, such as The Gun Mag and Women & Guns, and public education programs, as well as supporting legal actions and being active in Second Amendment litigation.

Cimarron’s Evil Roy Model “P” revolver features a wide square notch rear and constant width front sight with hand-checkered European walnut slim grips and a competition action tuned by US gunsmiths. The features built in this popular Cowboy Action Shooter are what makes this revolver a truly competition worthy single action. Named for Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) World Champion and SASS National Champion shooter, Gene “Evil Roy” Pearcey, the finely tuned US action includes a competition hammer and trigger/bolt springs that are lighter, smoother and offer a crisp, no-creep trigger pull. The improved internal parts enhance reliability, especially important to competition shooters like Gene. Every Evil Roy shooter features his signature roll-engraved on the barrel.

Although Evil Roy was not the first choice for a moniker for Gene, the inspiration came from the 1970’s comic TV-series, Evil Roy Slade, starring actor John Astin as the infamous “meanest villain the West has known.”

Looking for something to do, Gene “Evil Roy” Pearcey started participating in SASS shooting matches at the youthful age of 50. Enjoying the camaraderie of the events, Evil Roy and his wife, “Wicked Felina” began to take home National and World Championships in both Cowboy Action and Wild Bunch matches. Today, Gene and his family continue competing and also offer training and SASS related products on their website. “I did not set my goals to be a world champion,” Gene says, “I liked the sport and the people. I expect the World Championships in June to be a big event.”

“We are extremely proud Cimarron Firearms has chosen to support the Second Amendment Foundation and our constant battle to uphold and expand the right to keep and bear arms with their generous donation. Their reputation for quality as well as integrity is well known and respected throughout the industry,” Peter C. Versnel, Director Corporate Relations for the Second Amendment Foundation commented.

The SAF Super Auction on featuring Cimarron’s Evil Roy revolver is live now for a limited time and supports the efforts of SAF at

The Evil Roy Peacemaker-style revolver is available as a Standard Blue or Stainless Steel in 4 ¾” or 5 ½” barrels with a variety of chambers.

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About Cimarron Firearms:

Cimarron is recognized as the leader in quality and authenticity in replica firearms. For the past 35 years, Cimarron has worked continuously to perfect the authentic detail, fit, finish and function of our line of frontier firearms. There is no other firearm that is near equal in value, strength, reliability and authentic detail as is the line from Cimarron Firearms Co.

About the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF):

SAF is dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. To that end, SAF carries on many educational and legal action programs designed to better inform the public about the gun control debate.

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