The Good News: Salient Arms Did NOT File for Bankruptcy

Good news everyone. Initial reports were wrong, as they often are. A different company, “Salient Security Services, Inc.” of California which Did Business As “Salient Arms International” was the subject of the incorrect reports. This is not the Salient Arms International Inc. (Nevada) that we know and love.

by Breach Bang Clear

Rumors of a bankruptcy, he says, are far from the truth. By his description, this information likely stems from certain people trying to drive a specific narrative.

Salient Security Services, a long dormant organization, is declaring bankruptcy, but this, according to Chavez, is part of a “…tidying up process.” This is, he advises, a calculated step necessitated by an evolution that will be bringing significant changes to Salient and others in the firearms/tactical industry very soon.

“It’s not even the same company,” Chavez says. “It has nothing to do with firearms, or the company we’ve now been operating for years.”

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