The NRA’s support bump stock ban statement is hardly an endorsement.

Guys! I have to hear your thoughts on this and where do you stand.. I know a lot of you guys have said this a cold stab in the back from the NRA. 

Here’s the official statement:



SO….. What are your thoughts on all of this? (comment below)


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  1. What about all those people that lost there jobs because the warehouse that makes them just closed down?

  2. I’m with hank 100% . It’s not freedom when you give up 1 right to keep an other right. This argument is a joke and this is exactly why our country is going to shit because people are willing to give up their rights for something else. You should not have to give up your rights in a Free country, your supposed to fight for them. “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserves neither liberty nor safety “. Benjamin Franklin

  3. Why did they just walk away from a 2nd amendment fight? We joined them for a reason now I’m not feeling the same love for the nra

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