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Liberals wasted no time after the Las Vegas shooting to begin calling for more gun control. And considering that Hollywood is infested with liberals, it’s not much of a surprise that celebrities would quickly jump onto that bandwagon. And a large group of them united for a video calling for Americans to reject the NRA.

Why does Everytown for Gun Safety claim these proposals are dangerous? Well, silencers would make mass shootings even more deadly, they say, because people wouldn’t be able to hear the gunshots — an argument so ludicrous that even CNN has refuted it, pointing out that silencers don’t actually make the gunshots silent. It reduces the sound to around the level of a jackhammer.

No one in the video acknowledges that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had complied with all gun control laws, including background checks. So of course, how even more gun control laws would prevent further attacks is likewise left out of the picture.


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  1. What the everloving fuck?
    Now this is real propaganda! Make a call it feels good? So does a good puss in the morning. But it’s not on my neighbors back whole singing “Singing in the Rain”.

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