UMAREX Introduces Licensed GLOCK Airsoft and BB Guns 

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UMAREX has announced that they will be launching licensed airsoft and BB copies of Glock pistols. According to the UMAREX’s press release, this is the first time ever Glock licenses an airsoft production. The UMAREX guns will carry original Glock markings and will come in Glock cases. These airguns are expected to hit the shelves of the stores in November 2017. They will be available worldwide

There are no details on what Glock pistol model and generation airgun replicas they will be making. Judging by the teaser video, there’ll be a Gen3 Glock 17 copy for sure.

Besides being a nice toy for plinking, the airsoft version should also be useful for training. Airsoft guns have been used for training purposes for a while now. Whether they should be used for training or not is arguable. It has both pros and cons and is a subject for a long debate.

Just like other Umarex products, these Glock replicas should be also extremely popular in countries with strict gun control legislation where BB guns are sometimes the only “handgun” people can own.

Glock has been suing airsoft companies multiple times for non-licensed manufacturing of their firearms’ replicas. At the same time, they didn’t manufacture airsoft and BB guns themselves and were not licensing anyone else thus missing the opportunity to enter that market. Now, finally, there are officially licensed airsoft Glocks.


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