5 Ways to Increase Your Firearm Sale Online For Free

The most common way for firearm shops to make a sale online is to have a direct link taking customers to their website. This can be done by linking your firearm website to your social media or by having an ad online on sites like Auction Armory. However, the downfall of direct links is that you’re missing a huge firearm online sale opportunity of having your firearm products show up in search engines like Google naturally.

The only way to have your firearm products show up in Google rankings is to have a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Unfortunately, most firearm website have very weak or next to no SEO. This means that their products will never appear in google rankings if a customer was to search for the product. For example, if you have a Glock 19 for sale on your website and someone types into Google “Glock 19 for sale”, there’s no chance that your Glock 19 will show up in the searches and if it does it would probably be on the 100th page. This is where Auction Armory comes in. Our site was built by developers who’ve worked at Google and understands SEO. Auction Armory has one of the strongest SEO within the firearm industry and I’m going to show you how you can take advantage of it.

1. Join Auction Armory and Get Active 

If you haven’t joined Auction Armory yet, what are you waiting for? We’re the largest firearm social network & marketplace in the U.S and it’s 100% free to join and use our services. Once you become a member, go check out all of our features and make some friends.

2. Setup Your Free Online Store 

Once you’ve taken a look around our site, the next step is to setup your free online store.


You can access your online store by going to “My Shop Manager” from the left side of the screen and then go into “Settings”. There you’ll be able to set up the name of your store, a logo & banner, a description, contact info and a link to go back to your firearm website. Don’t forget to add your social media links as well. Once you setup everything, you’re ready to add your first product! Remember earlier I said that Auction Armory has very strong SEO? This means that the products you upload to your online store will be ranked in Google and show up in searches. If done correctly, you could potentially take number one rank in Google for your product! How crazy would that be?


This is an example of a good product page. First, make sure the title of your product is a very clear and direct description of the product. Avoid adding your own brand name in the title. Second, you need to have real, original pictures of your product, not just stock photos. Having original pictures will help your product rank better than those with only stock photos. Third, have an original description of the product, not just a copy paste from your website. I think you’re starting to notice a trend here; having original content on your product page is the key to have a good SEO rank. Lastly, add an embedded video of the product if you have one.

3. Start Your Own Group

Create a group is another great way to promote your firearm website.

You can access groups from the left side of the screen. Once you’ve created a group, start inviting members and create some content. Our groups also have strong SEO so if you post original contents in your group it will help the group rank in Google.

4. Write an Armory Article 

One of Auction Armory’s biggest attractions are our articles. We generate millions of views in our articles on a daily basis and most of the views aren’t direct but came from google searches.

You can access armory articles from the left side of the screen. Any member can write and publish their own blogs; however, to have a blog that’ll rank high in Google requires a few things. First, you guessed it: original content. The blog needs to be original in the sense that it isn’t just a copy paste blog from other firearm blog sites. These copy paste blogs will be seen as SPAM by Google and they’ll not be ranked. Having original pictures in the blog helps as well. Also, embed links from website sites like YouTube or Instagram will set your blog apart from the rest in rankings. The goal of armory articles is that you’ll not only get exposure when you post the blog, but the effect will be long term. Your blog will be seen and show in searches even months and months later and it’ll continue gather up views. Check out these two armory articles for example:

Jesse James 1911 Gun Collection Starting at $4299

Firearm Advertising on Reddit

These articles were posted many many month ago and is still growing views. They’re both top ranks in Google searches with 84 million and 63 million views as of right now. Almost all these views came from searches and not direct because only a few members would bother to go look for articles that’s been posted month ago on our site. As you can see, both articles have original content and they’re only posted on Auction Armory. They have original pictures and embed links. If you’d like to learn more about how to write a good armory article, check out our Armory Article Crash Course.

5. Claim Your FFL

Auction Armory has a huge directory of FFLs, gun smiths and firearm organizations. By claiming and verifying your FFL with us, you’ll be able to show up in searches.

You can find our directory in “Resources” on the left side of the screen. To claim and verify your FFL, you need to email a copy of your FFL license to support@auctionarmory.com. Once you’re verified, you’ll be able to customize your FFL page with your logo and contact info.

Everything I’ve mentioned above is completely free and if you follow these steps you’ll be way ahead of your competition in online firearm sales. SEO is a powerful tool and Auction Armory has already done all the hard work for you; all you need to do now is join us. Let us help you! Take advantage of all these free services that we offer and also contact us if you’re interested in paid advertising which will take your firearm online sale to the next level.

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