Shopify Bans Over 600,000 Firearm and Accessory Merchants 

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online stores and retails. It is used by over 600,000 firearm and accessory merchants across the U.S. Not only do these merchants pay a monthly fee for using Shopify, a lot of them have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars for developing their online stores on the platform. However, it seems that these large amounts of investment and time will be in vain as Shopify will be banning the sale of firearms and related accessories.

Overnight, Shopify has updated its “Acceptable User Policy” to restrict pretty much everything firearm related without warning or explanation. Here’s the long list of newly “restricted items” from the update:

Just imagine if you are one of the firearm merchants that are using Shopify. You wake up to find out that you will no longer be able to make any sales from your e-commerce website which you have spent time and money develop. Furthermore, e-commerce is how these firearm stores and companies make most if not all of their income. This means that not only will they have to find an alternative e-commerce platform right away; they are losing hundreds and thousands of dollars in income in the meantime. For smaller companies, this could very well mean spending their savings to compensate or going bankrupt.

From a business point of view, Shopify’s decision makes little sense because they will no doubt be losing millions of dollars from banning these firearm merchants. And if this is their way of attacking the 2nd Amendment, I don’t see why they should as they’re a Canadian company based in Ottawa, Ontario. However, it does seem like they are following the trend of furthering the anti-gun agenda that’s been more and more prevalent within the U.S. From the Facebook and Youtube updates to Reddit and even some banks, it really does feel like firearm owners and the industry as a whole is being treated less than that of a normal citizen and business. As the Vice President of Auction Armory I only have one question to ask: “Is this still America?”

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  1. This is just BS and we’re losing our Shopify store as well. I’m at a lost for words as a company that’s paid thousands to them just to booted. 🙁

  2. I was told it was because of there agreement with Facebook. In order to keep that Facebook marketplace setup running smoothly with shopify, Facebook required them to update there policy. It’s not a direct hit from shopify but they had to choose us or facebook. SO, I guess we know who got the bigger stick.

    1. Yeah but rule 11 was don’t be fucking retarded. I guess they could careless as long as that bank account still looks good.

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