Trojan Firearms launches new TFA-15S AR-15 drop-in trigger 

Parts and gun maker Trojan Firearms offers shooters yet another option when it comes to trigger swapping, introducing the new TFA-15S drop-in trigger.

(Photo: Trojan Firearms)

A follow up on the company’s popular TFA-15C curved drop-in trigger group, the latest drop-in trigger is designed to offer shooters a more responsive trigger pull, the company says. “Virtually eliminating over-travel, the ‘flat trigger’ TFA-15S was designed to deliver a smooth and crisp trigger pull,” Trojan Firearms said in a statement on Facebook.

Fully adjustable from 2.6 pounds to 6.5 pounds, the single stage trigger permits shooters to set their preferred pull weight so shots can be delivered quickly and accurately. Precision machined and utilizing a proprietary mounting system, the trigger maintains rigidity at all times enhancing its overall durability. Trojan Firearms says the trigger system is easy to install and will elevate the performance of any AR-15 platform.

Available through retailers nationwide, the TFA-15S is priced at $149.99.



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