Who Are We?

Just wanted to post this first blog about The Fortis Project, who we are, why we do what we do, and all the cool stuff we have.

We have been in the shooting sports and training industry since 2012, providing professional tier weapons training. In 2017 we decided to launch The Fortis Project, as a “project” of sorts, in order to create a customer service experience where people don’t have to worry about inaccurate inventories, unavailable sales people, poor shipping times, expensive shipping options, and crummy egotistical companies that expect you to shop with them because of their background.

We are Veteran owned and operated, but we won’t force the “Tactical Lifestyle” down your throat. We want you shop with us because we just do it better and at a better price, simple as that.

We are a direct dealer for Agency Arms, Zev Technologies, Apex Tactical, Overwatch Precision, Elcan Weapon Optics, and Brugger&Thomet.  We have a HUUGE distributor network that allows us to source anything you could ever want.  And we design our own shooting targets and apparel!

Please come check us out at www.thefortisproject.com, check out our profile here on Auction Armory, and follow us on social media!  We offer discount codes on Instagram and Facebook on a regular basis, and we have GAWs (giveaways) on Instagram pretty regularly.  

Stay Awesome! – Kevin

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  1. @kevin_byrd just checked out your website. How do I join the giveaways?

  2. Follow us on Instagram, all of our giveaways are on there. There is one that is going on now and ends this saturday!

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