iTarget Training System For Effective Dry Fire Practice 

Dry fire training is when you simulate shooting from your gun without any live ammunition inside the gun. It is a very safe firearms training that you can do at home which helps to improve your marksmanship skills. Soldiers, hunters, law enforcement agents and competitive marksmen, all use dry fire practice to build muscle memory and improve fundamental shooting skills like stance, draw, sight alignment, firm grip and trigger control.

iTarget has made innovations in dry fire practice by creating a training system that will make dry fire target practice easier and safer. Read on in order to gain an understanding of the iTarget tools and how to use them.


Products Description:

The iTarget training aid comes in 3 different components. There is a huge discount that comes when you order all 3 components together, and the price tag on this training aid goes a long way to put money back in your pocket while effectively improving your weapons manipulation and marksmanship skills.


The iTarget Laser Bullets

These laser bullets are made to function like fake cartridges or snap caps. This means that they are rimless, and so do not get ejected from the firearm. There is a hardened rubber at the back which serves as a shock absorber when the firing pin hits the bullet. The design of the laser bullets ensures that your firearms are not damaged.

The bullets come in different calibers and you should use the appropriate caliber for your firearm. The available calibers are:

• 9mm

• .45 ACP

• .40 S&W

• .38 Special

• .380 ACP

• .223/5.56 REM

• .357 sig

To remove the laser bullets from your weapon after practicing, just push it out with a pencil or clean rod.


The iTarget Sled 


The iTarget sled is piece that comprises of a target mount and an adjustable phone mount. The slot for mounting the phone is wide enough to accommodate phone or cases that are up to 87mm in width. The phone is placed such that the camera faces the shooting target. The mount that carries the target plate can hold a standard 8.5” × 11” printed sheet of paper. The sled comes with the manufacturer’s standard printed bull’s-eye target.

You can adjust the sled, hence the target’s distance, so that the entire target area is in full view of the phone.

The iTarget Pro Apps

There are 3 Pro Apps (one of which has not officially entered the market yet) and these apps work both on Android and iPhone.

The Bull’s-eye Pro App is free and available on Google Play Store. No more guessing where you’re hitting and then finding out you were wrong. This app gives you feedback by mapping the laser bullet’s hits on the target and displaying them on the phone’s screen, showing you exactly where your shots are hitting. You can even track your progress by saving the feedback images to your phone and sharing with friends and fellow marksmen.

The Quick-draw App is a paid app that acts as a timer. It records the time you spend on each draw and shot, and helps you measure just how quick you are with draw and how precise your shot is within a limited time. This app costs only $4.99.

The High-score App is coming soon. It is also a paid app. What it does essentially is to call out any of the 5 numbered circles, and your goal is to shoot each of the numbers the app calls out.

Safety Precautions:

  • Always remove all ammunition from your firearms, including the magazine, when using this product.
  • Do not point the laser at a person as it could result in eye damage.
  • This training system is not a toy, only adults above 18 can use it.
  • Always store firearms and ammo in a safe place away from practice area.
  • Do not place sensitive objects behind the target.
  • Keep your finger off of and away from the trigger unless you are prepared to shoot at the target.

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