The Hudson MFG H9

Striker-Fired Reliability in a 1911 Body

The Hudson Manufacturing H-9 pistol is a novel design introduced in 2017, which features several innovative features designed to blend the positives of striker-fired actions with the ergonomic benefits of the 1911 platform.

Photo via Truth About Guns

The Hudson Manufacturing H-9 pistol features a lowered bore axis, due to a barrel and recoil-spring system that is designed to be more in-line with the shooter’s hand, leading to improved recoil control and easier handling.

Barrel length: 4.28 inches

Chambered in 9mm

All-black finish

Total weight: 2.12 pounds

The Hudson Manufacturing H-9 pistol ships with three 15-round magazines.

What are your thoughts on the H9?

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  1. This is a great gun and very well balanced. The recoil is like nothing I’ve shot before. Don’t own one yet but in the market for one.

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