Ace Luciano Guest on “The REAL MAN Show.”

Ace Luciano Guest Stars on “The REAL Man Show.” 

This may be the best episode yet of “The Real Man Show.”…Of course, I might be a little biased there.

About 3 months ago, I received an interesting phone call from Kyle Reyes, head of “Silent Partner Marketing,” someone I have become friends with on and through social media.

Kyle: “Dude- we’re going to be in ARIZONA in two weeks shooting with a Navy SEAL Sniper. Can you get free?”

Me: “I’m free.”

Kyle: “You don’t even know what day it is yet…”

Me: “It involves SHOOTING WITH A NAVY SEAL, RIGHT? Like I said- I’m Free.”

With that conversation, we headed off to an undisclosed location in southern Arizona to play with some big boys with pew-pew toys, and WHAT A DAY!

It always amazes me how little of the time you put in on film actually makes it through to the end product. We spent most of the day out on the range.

Check out how we display some sick skills at distance thanks to the coaching and instruction of ex Seal Sniper and Shark Tank-Famous “Bottle Breacher” Corporation founder Elijah Crane. (And if you want to order some really cool gifts, check out some of their new stuff HERE)

I’ve been a rifle hunter for well over three decades and have written about them for almost two. To say that I have shot thousands of rounds at distance would be quite an understatement. 
I learned and improved my shooting more in those two hours with two hours spent on the range with a Seal Sniper than I have in the last few years. 

I want to reach out and give thanks to Kyle Reyes for the invite and for being someone we could all make fun of for the day, Mike Monaco for the cool .50 caliber rifle, rifle rest (yes- I meant to say it like that – that’s the only way we could utilize the .50 at the range we were on), and client Brady Speth and his AWESOME Riton Optics to add to the fun. 

It’s rare to have this much, ahem, “talent” in the same place at the same time!

Thanks, The Silent Partner Marketing, Monaco Ford, Bottle Breacher and Riton Optics for a great day!

Riton Optics makes  scopes for hunting, tactical, and long range shooting. 

If you haven’t already, check out RITON Optics- the best value in the optics market today. 

You can look at and buy Bottle Breacher Products HERE. 

Who is Ace Luciano?

That depends on whom you ask. 
Ask anyone in the outdoor world, and they’ll tell you that Ace is a big game hunter and adventurer that has a great deal of sales knowledge that seems to be everywhere and knows everyone.
Ask someone in the “corporate world” and they might tell you that Ace is the guy that smashes and sets sales records that may have stood for decades-regardless of the industry…but there is so much more.

Hunter. Fisherman. Outdoorsman. Youth Mentor. Writer. Best-selling author. Entrepreneur. Sales Executive. Marketing Expert. Seminar speaker. Fundraising Professional. These phrases and more have all been used to describe this dynamic outdoor personality and all around “good-guy.” A self-described outdoor “generalist” who is a jack of many trades, and a Master of several, Ace is often described as “that guy…”

As in, “You know… THAT GUY….” 

Ace’s passion for youth mentoring has led directly to the introduction of THOUSANDS of new hunters and shooters to the sport.

When it comes to business, Ace is all business. He is a recipient of numerous sales and performance awards, has advised and improved on sales processes for numerous multimillion to multibillion dollar corporations, writes and speaks with an authoritative yet upbeat and entertaining style, and still is able to make time to be a dedicated husband and proud father of four fantastic kids. To learn more about or to reach Ace, visit:

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