American Bison (summer) Socks

Why would anyone post a sock story on a gun blog?  Well, we have studied extensively and realized a lot of people who enjoy recreational shooting have feet, and that feet are best are protected by footwear, typically some combination of sock and shoe or boot.  Being comfortable either at the range or out in the field is important, and cushioning, moisture wicking, insulation, and breathability are things that all contribute to extreme comfort.  Synthetics don’t wick moisture worth a darn and can lead to blisters & chafing.  Cotton is hydrophilic, meaning it is no good at wicking wetness away from the skin and can become damp just by being exposed to humidity.  Natural fibers are superior across the board in all categories and are naturally anti-microbial, resilient and fairly durable.  Now enter the American plains bison…

Wool works pretty darn well, Alpaca is great, but The Buffalo Wool Co. has turned sock comfort and durability up to 11.  Using the downy undercoat of the American plains bison, their bison/merino wool Trekker socks are pretty much the gold standard for extreme weather hunting/hiking/fishing socks.  (Read the write up in the NRA’s American Hunter gift guide for a bit more about them)  Or this review from Survival Common Sense.  

What does any of this have to do with a sock that will keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable in the blazing heat of summer?  More than you would think actually, insulating from the heat is no different from insulating from the cold, moisture wicking is crucial, and again, this is where the soft fine bison down is unparalleled.  With the addition of charcoal-infused bamboo fiber, and some hi-tech design tricks, the BWC has introduced “The B.O.S.S.” (best overall short sock) designed to let your feet breathe, pull the moisture away from your feet, keep bacteria and other funk from growing on your tootsies, and give you arch support and cushion like no other sock ever.  Made in the U.S.A. and supporting bison ranchers across the country, the BWC stands behind “The B.O.S.S.” with their unconditional 100% money back guarantee. 

  They aren’t cheap, with a MSRP of $32, but the B.O.S.S. is truly the best sock I have ever seen for warm muggy environments and keeps my feet cooler, dryer and feeling and smelling great, even at 103F here in Texas.  The best thing though is even after wearing my test socks 10 days, (yes, one pair TEN days straight, without washing) hiking in the tropics, I was able to take my shoes off on the plane home, and nobody raised an eyebrow, NO FUNK whatsoever. That in itself is worth the $$. (introductory priced at $28 until July 15th.)  

Check them out here

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  1. Buy cheap. Get cheap. I never buy on price. These socks are the real deal and they have a 100% money back guarantee.

  2. Yes and it’s not just a gun blog! We celebrate fishing, hunting, guns, archery, photography….. anything outdoors.

    1. Yes, that is exactly what they do. Bison fiber blended with merino wool and a bamboo fiber. 🙂

  3. They look extremely soft. I bought one of your DIY kits before for a knitting hat. LOVE IT!! So glad to see you guys on this network.

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