Don’t shoot us in the foot

The ammo manufacturers are working round the clock to produce ammo for us and meet the demand.  As the market goes, they will charge us whatever we are wiling to pay.  We have a big push for ammo and a  sudden depletion in ammo because 2020 gained a lot of new gun owners with the threat of Biden making the AR-15 illegal.

Looking at ammo historically, I think $6.50 for a box of 20 .223 is a fair price in today’s market, but (out of fear and desperation) folks have been paying upwards of $50/box of ammo! That’s $2.50 per cartridge!  If we keep doing this, it will be impossible to buy ammo and keep our friends and neighbors stocked in ammo so they can defend this great country and their families as well.

My solution: There is plenty of ammo coming. Don’t panic. The Ammo manufacturers are not panicking. When you bid on ammo at an auction, don’t bid higher than $6.50 per box of 20 or $293 per case of 1000. If you lose the bid, there will be another one. Bid on the next one until you get one, but don’t bid over $6.50.

If we work together, and not against each other, this will keep the ammo affordable and when everyone has ammo and it becomes plentiful again, the prices will stay low.

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  1. Just can’t keep anything in stock regardless of the sticker price. I just got my shipment of 5.56 had to wait 62 days for them. Sold it all within 3 days.

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