Get Smokin! Pro Cooking with Your Bradley Electric Smoker

If you’re a fan of cooking (and eating) barbecue or smoked meats, here’s a question: Have you made the switch to an electric smoker? I have… and it’s one of the best decisions that I have ever made in the kitchen (or technically, on the back deck). Trust me, no one leaves my weekend get togethers or football parties hungry.

There are a handful of electric smokers on the market and one brand that has taken the ‘electric smoker experience’ to the next level is Bradley Electric Smokers.

well, set your timer and then walk away!

In contrast traditional smokers need lots of attention. You have to constantly monitor your temperature and tend to your heat source. If your temperature gets too hot for too long, say hello to dry, chewy meat. (Were you trying to make jerkey?) And on the other hand, if your temperature drops down too low for too long you’ll probably be calling the pizza man because everyone is getting hangry!

As they say, timing is everything. And when using a Bradley Electric Smoker time is predictable and productive just like your oven. Simply place your seasoned meat on one of the racks, check that your drip pan is in place, add water (if you are doing a wet smoke) and stack your flavored wood biscut in the feeder. Set your time and come back hours later for a bite of mouth-watering smoked perfection. 

Most Advanced Electric Smoker on the Market

The latest innovation from Bradley is the Bradley Smart Smoker with iSmoke Technology.

With this bad boy you can connect to and control the smoker from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet in real-time. Another improvement is its larger capacity smokehouse – with enough room for 10 racks of food! (sold separatly). It also comes with two removable, temperature probes to allow you to check temperatures on two different pieces of meat simultaneously.

Of course you don’t have to just limit yourself to smoking meats. Try smoking some sliced squash, eggplant or zucchini. It is even yummy to put your baked mac and cheese in there for a little flavor punch. Whatever, you smoke in your Bradley Smoker, you’ll be sure to get a thumbs up from your taste testers!

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