Your first camping trip to the UK – What you need to know

Ever thought about heading to the UK for a camping trip. Let me tell you if you are you wouldn’t be the first person. When you think of the UK you may not automatically think about a camping trip but it’s worth opening your mind. Firstly, we have found a great function at CampsiteDirect which gives you the camping near me search function which will help you locate campsites in the UK but also all around the world

You may want to avoid going camping in the winter but the summer temperature is perfect. The question you maybe asking is where should I go. I have a couple of option for you first UK camping trip. I love Peak District camping this place is totally English and a place that will introduce you to some great walking. You experience the British countrywide and take in some of the best views in England. The Peak District is best known for its outdoor activities. You can go rock climbing, walking, mountain biking and much much more. There are also many stately homes that you can visit like the famous Chatsworth house near Chesterfield. Chatsworth has been one of the most popular homes in the Uk in several recent surveys.

If you want to stay away from your normal campsite why not consider your first Wild camping UK trip, heading off into the hills for some added isolation. Wild camping is particularly popular in Scotland where the rules around camping in the wild are far more relaxed. Scotland has a lot to offer for those feeling even more adventures. It has some of the most dramatic senary in the UK including the tallest mountain called Ben Nevis. For those of you feeling energetic you can walk to the top for those of you who like comfort you can just drive around the bottom of the mountain.

What you need for your camping trip

If you are going on a camping trip you can bring some item with you. If this is not possible its all possible that you can rent those larger items. There are several websites in the UK that offer you the ability to rent a tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, cooking equipment, walking poles and much more.

In Summary

Camping is fun and helps you connect yourself to nature. I think more so then ever having adventure in your life is important. If money is sparse camping can be a vary cost effective way for you to see the world making your budget last longer. Currently the UK has restriction as of March 2021 due to Covid 19. These restriction are due to be lifted in May 2021 so get your ready to book a low cost deal before everyone else does.

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