6 Most Expensive Firearms in the World

Many firearm enthusiasts can go on and on about their favorite guns. They may even be able to tell you every detail about each piece in their collection. However, your local enthusiast definitely won’t have these in their collection: the six most expensive guns in the world.

1. Gun Used to Murder Abraham Lincoln

This small but stealthy, 6 inch derringer was used by the infamous John Wilkes Booth in his assassination of President Lincoln. The reason this gun is the most expensive is because it is actually not for sale and never will be. The 16th president’s murder weapon is considered priceless by historians due to it’s massive historical significance. Booth purchased the tiny firearm in the 1800’s for a mere $25. 

Today, no price tag can be put on this piece at all.

2. George Washington’s Saddle Pistols

These beautiful pistols were owned by America’s first president, George Washington. They are from the era of the righteous Revolutionary War. This gives them tremendous importance and historical value. 

This extravagant gun set was auctioned at $1,986,000 and purchased in 2002.

3. Simon Bolivar’s Flintlock Pistols

Simon Bolivar was a politician and military leader who was responsible for several South American countries gaining their independence from the Spanish Empire. These pistols have immense historical significance for many nations’ history. 

This pistol pair was sold at auction for a whopping $1,687,500.

4. Theodore Roosevelt’s Shotgun

The 26th president of the United States, nicknamed Teddy Roosevelt, loved to go on hunting adventures. In 1909, Teddy set off on the Smithsonian African expedition. With him, he took his Winchester 1876 shotgun with him. 

His legacy lives on through this gun which was sold for $862,500.

5. The Gun That Killed Jesse James

Jesse James was an infamous bandit that pillaged the American West in the 1880’s. His crew began to slack overtime, leading to recurring mistakes on their part. One day, they left James open and he was shot and killed with a .44 caliber Smith and Wesson. 

This gun was purchased at auction for $350,000.

6. Hitler’s Golden Gun

This gun was rumored to be given to the Fuhrer in 1939 for his 50th birthday by the Walther family. It is a beautiful golden 7.65mm Walther PP. 

The gun was sold for an impressive $114,000 in 1989. If the gun were put up for auction today, it could be worth millions.

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