Starting Your Firearm Collection With 22 LR

By Rosa

Most Americans who own firearms are responsible gun enthusiasts, hobbyists or collectors. If you fit into any of the aforementioned categories, this review is for you. If you’re a novice collector, this will help make your next gun purchase easier. And if this is your first time getting into firearm collecting, it’s usually wise to decide what type of guns interest you the most.

Few people start out to be firearm collectors; they usually obtain a small caliber weapon for personal protection or a basic type of long rifle for hunting. For some, it’s a profitable business and other people just love guns. The most popular category for collections are military firearms; because of their historical significance they accumulate value for liquid assets or a retirement fund. These are collections seen as a financial investment designed to be added to for years. In this review, we will look at firearm owners who are aiming for 10 or more guns. Remember stay safe and join social media groups that advocate for prudent, ethical firearms ownership. And never talk too much online about how many guns yohave in your collection or where you live.

This review of the .22 Long Rifle or 22 lr, is for shaping up a gun collection or beginning one. You may have seen them reviewed elsewhere, but the following is a unique perspective on purchasing your own firearms. So, let’s begin with 22lr caliber weapons. When children grow up in rural farming areas, usually their fathers begin by teaching them how to fire a 5.6 mm/.22 caliber. I grew up in rural Georgia, in a trailer with an outhouse and for the first five years of my life, I frequently handled my father’s .22 Magnum. I actually played with shotgun shells, fascinated by the red coloring. Don’t worry the gun was never loaded and the shells were stored separate. It was a necessary part of life, because of the isolated location, they were many bears, wild boars and mountain lions nearby.

Today, some people regard them as the ideal “first” weapons for women to purchase for self defense. Whatever the case maybe, they’re by far the best weaponry for the least amount of money. When asked about the most common weaponry and the most well-known ammunition; the 22 rounds will always be a part of the conversation. The .22 caliber is a versatile firearm, with minimum recoil and it fits neatly into a pocket or purse for licensed personal/conceal and carry. Hunting kids usually begin with the .22 Long Rifle and pellet target practice. Because it’s ideal for hunting small game prey. The “idea” is to start early teaching kids how to use weapons responsibly and monitor their mental and cognitive development before advancing to actual ammo.

There are many variations of a .22 caliber as far as automatic handguns, short, long or extra long. And the short guns can also be modified for special military use with a glock conversion barrel. In the olden days, the 22 Long Rifle dates back to 1887. It is considered the most recognized weapon in the world. The history of the cartridge rounds can actually be attributed to Smith and Wesson in 1857. 

When looking at 22lr for sale you can always investigate each type depending upon the intended use. The barrel length will vary based on your needs and so will the performance. For hunting small game, the 22 long caliber rifle is the best that money can buy. Since, it isn’t considered a high velocity firearm, hunting large game prey is not suggested. Unless, you’re an expert marksman with some previous military training.

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