What Is The Best CLP for Firearms

What is the best CLP (Cleaner,Lubricant, Protectant) for firearms?
Actually it’s a couple of products…and they aren’t an “all in one” CLP. 

Let’s be honest… I hate having to clean my guns. Love shooting them, hate cleaning, so I’m always looking for a better product that might give me some easy results.
I recently found a product line by a company called “Modern Spartan Systems.”  They have a three product system that gets some AMAZING RESULTS (and if you really want to be impressed, just go to THIS LINK to check out the 30 second video of them CREAMING every other lubricant. )The benefits to their system and technology are so vastly superior to everything else I could find that you owe it to yourself and your guns to at least try it.

It may even be  worth ditching whatever you are using now and replacing them with the Modern Spartan Systems formulas.
These guys have developed  super-advanced, GREEN formulas that are going to revolutionize how we do gun maintenance. My prediction is that once people understand the technologies, and realize that, though they cost a little more than the “cheapies” on the market, they will dominate the firearms industry for a very long time.

Modern Spartan Systems has a complete system for taking care of firearms. 

When it comes down to it, what is the difference between the current crop of gun CLPs out there?  Honestly, other than the names and some cool logos, there is little difference between one company’s products and the others. Many are petroleum based, some plant based.  We have really been waiting for “industry changing” innovation, something that REALLY stands out, to come along for years. The Good News is that it has finally arrived.

My impression after a 6 month test on 5 different guns? EVERYONE THAT SHOOTS ANY & EVERY TYPE of FIREARM (muzzle-loaders to mini-guns) will love this stuff.

So, what makes Modern Spartan Systems chemistry so much better than everything else?
Simple. They have learned how to chemically destroy friction. Their formulas cut friction by up to 90%. Their chemistry approach to solving the significant problems of friction, metal wear, contaminant removal and contaminant re-adhesion is patented and different from the competitors. After their “super penetrating” cleaners (Carbon Destroyer & Copper/Lead Destroyer) remove contaminants on and below the surface (they call this “surface prep”), their lubricants (Accuracy Oil & Accuracy Grease) improve and enhance the surface structure of the metal from triggers to all the way to the tip of the barrel, effectively turning microscopic sandpaper into a surface smoother than glass. MSS products treat the metal vs. using a film barrier to get results.

Whatever benefits you may be getting from your current cleaners and lubes will be evidently less in comparison to the significant advantages you gain once you start using these products. The truth is that unless you have had the privilege of using these products yourself, you would have no idea that these capabilities and advantages exist. For many, that means “good” is “good enough” simply because they don’t know any better. I would equate it to the old days when everyone used WD-40. Yes, it was “okay.” Then we found a better way. 

Is it worth it to try the Modern Spartan Systems products?  In your mind, answer each question, keeping score between your current products and what you would like to have happen with Spartan chemistry.

· What is the value of improved accuracy? (You should get better accuracy with the MSS System)

· What is the value of improved reliability in all environments (cold, sand, rain…)? 

· What is the value of super smooth action?

· What is the value of lowering barrel temperature by 10%-40%?

· What is the value of great corrosion protection and the ability to easily and permanently remove corrosion?

· What is the value of extending barrel life?

· What is the value in needing to clean less often?

· What is the value in cutting cleaning time by 50% or better?

· What is the value of being able to clean indoors due to low odor?

· What is the value of using safe, GREEN chemistry that is American made?

· What is the value of having one set of products for ALL types of firearms?

· What is the value of having everything you need in once convenient, easy to carry package?

· What is the value in know that military and LE snipers, top competition shooters and industry experts are already on board, loving, and USING  these products?

Now that you have pondered these questions, it is time to answer this rhetorical question, “Does what you use now to clean and lube your guns provide all of or even most of these benefits?” We all know that the answer is “no”; accuracy, reliability, asset life, performance, safer, and time savings are pretty unique. And since the answer is “no”, is there any good reason not to get the Spartan products for yourself?

One last recommendation involves alleviating doubt with some visible proof. Most people, like me, don’t just buy into the many promises made by manufacturers, we want viable proof. Because the claims made by Modern Spartan Systems sounded too good to be true, I wanted and searched out real evidence. Again, good news, besides all the testimonials that can be found on the internet and social media, and a great list of top shooters recommending their products (Charlie Melton, Rex Tibor, Joshua White, Josh Tarrant, Casey Griggs, Dion Price…), there are some indisputable videos out there both on Mopdern Spartan Systems’s website and many others’ web and youtube pages.
Try this: Google “Modern Spartan Systems vs.”  (You can also CLICK HERE to see several of them in a condensed video) and watch some of the videos. I was BLOWN AWAY by the results. The videos are torture tests that demonstrate how Accuracy Oil destroys friction- and every competitor out there.

Here is the bottom line, folks. If you are using anything that is classified as a “CLP” you aren’t getting the performance that you could out of your firearm.
Purchasing a Starter Kit Plus that has all the chemistry you need to optimize and improve the performance of your firearms is a great investment. I urge you to try it out. There is nothing else that is in their league and you will love the results.

Improved accuracy, no copper or lead, no rust, and better overall results are what you can expect from Modern Spartan Systems.  

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