Can my Auction Armory blog posts be found in google searches?

This is becoming a very common question. So, today I will be breaking down the index status of your Armory Articles.

– Can my auction armory blog posts be found in google searches?

The short answer is Yes

Rather you are new to the blogging world or an full time blogger. You know the importance of being found in search engines & doing this on your own can be quite the job. Submitting your URLs to all search consoles, page highlighting, meta tags, alt tags and title tags, etc.etc.. That list goes on for miles and I’m sure you have more important things to do, so lets cut right to it.

As an SEO expert with 10+ years dealing with google and other top search engines. I’ve designed these Armory Articles to match exactly what search engines are looking for when trying to index your post. Armory Articles automatically corrects common errors that hurt your overall page/ article rank. As well as automatically highlight Images, tags, videos, dates and all your author links.

* Important to note: This is not a work around for not writing great content. Your articles will still be reviewed like a normal post, however a lot your manual submitting and common errors will now be automatic. Allowing you to focus on the content not the SEO. 

What is being index and does it get resubmitted if I update my post?

Your entire post will be index and it normally takes about 10 days. Depending on how well your article/ blog is structured, depends on how well you rank in those searches.

“Your title, Images, tags, full content and all links are index”

Yes, If you update your post or receive comments on your post it will update your sitemap and resubmit back to google.

Let’s take a quick look,

> Your article title/ H1

Your Post title

> Your Tags

Your tags

> Your Images


If you still have a question about your articles/ post index that is not covered in this post, please reach out to us at > or Comment below.

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  1. All the highlighting from the console is now automatic? This will be a game changer if this is the case. What about backlinks and does comment spam links count?

    1. @tara_simions, Xuan is correct google is looking for that one tag that has relevance of your article. How-ever other search engines like Yahoo will grab them all. I would suggest writing 3-5 words per tag and having 2-3 tags per post.

  2. OMG, this is genius!
    Q: You mention all author links also being highlighted and indexed automatically. Does that mean that each author has his/her own sitemap?

  3. Very good my friend. Will you share the code on how you are able to auto matically to do this job. Our tests show your articles can switch to the versions required by the search engine being used. This is above my brain how is this possible. This would mean it would rearrange text to best match search words.

  4. @dhanuka_gunarathna I just ran the same test. I must say the index of these articles are working with all the latest algorithms like a champ. @robert how much for this index setup on my personal website?

  5. Robert, do you have a YouTube channel or a development website? I’ve looked over your structure and would like to discuss possible working together.

  6. Hey gang, just wanted to chime into this, getting rankings for phrases are fine.
    However, if you’re serious about Auction Armory to rank for phrases that actually gets “Traffic”.
    Use the “Moz” Keyword Discovery tools and look for the traffic volume estimation.
    Disclosure: Once upon a time, I did do a short gig there, so yeh, I’m a big advocate of Moz tools.

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