Firearms social marketplace registers 10 million members amidst social media crackdown.

(Orlando, FL) May 28, 2020: Today, headlines are filled with pundits discussing a crackdown from social media sites. From political commentary to hand sanitizer, certain topics, ads and groups have been banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Craigslist and others. One of the earliest groups targeted by social media restrictions were gun enthusiasts. Hunters hoping to offload used hunting rifles found their Facebook marketplace ads pulled and target practice sporting groups were banned. One site became a welcoming home for responsible gun owners. This week Auction Armory, which started 3 short years ago, registered its 10 millionth member!

Auction Armory started as a small site dedicated to sharing content that was directed at responsible gun ownership. It has since grown to include a marketplace section for guns, hunting equipment, sporting items and more. In the last 12 months, the site has seen membership registrations nearly double every month. The continuing and renewed interest in self protection, hunting and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic has helped propel to its’ number one status as the largest social network and marketplace, dedicated to firearm and outdoor enthusiasts. 

“When we started this site three years ago, it was to fill a gap for responsible gun owners in the social networking and marketing space,” explains Robert Cain, President of Auction Armory. “What social media sites did, was lump everyone together. Compiling the undesirable elements along with the responsible gun owners and hunters who overwhelmingly outnumber the irresponsible users. We set out to build a website where people could discuss new technology, the best places to source guns and accessories, review guns, and discuss their accomplishments at local and national firearms sporting competitions. It has truly become a social network for our members. Alongside the social aspect of the site, we found that there was huge demand for a marketplace where people could legally buy and sell firearms and other outdoor supplies. Everyday, for example, we see ads from hunters who have purchased their first basic rifle in order to go deer hunting. Now that they are older and know what features they want in a hunting rifle; they would like to sell their basic model to someone who is just starting out, while they upgrade their own hunting rifle. Before Auction Armory, there was no central location for those kinds of ads to be posted.”

In recent months, Auction Armory has seen a major jump in the number of members who have signed up to the site. That spike is largely attributed to well known bloggers and YouTubers beginning to post and host their content on the site, free from the fear of having their high-quality content removed or flagged. gives large and small gun shops, hunting equipment dealers, and other 2nd Amendment related companies free storefronts on the website allowing them to legally sell their wares.

The Auction Armory team is enthusiastic about what comes next for their site. “While controversy rages on about what kinds of things that should and should not be allowed on social media sites, Auction Armory is proud to have grown into the number one social networking site for responsible gun enthusiasts. We look forward to continuing to provide interesting content, a safe marketplace and an inclusive space for our members to discuss their interests.”


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